About Flexible Benefit Service Corp

Flexible Benefit Service Corporation (Flex) is a trusted general agency and benefit administrator serving thousands of producers, employers, employees and individuals nationwide. We are committed to helping the marketplace take control of health benefit programs through the use of innovative consumer driven strategies. Through the hard work of our dedicated staff, Flex has adapted over the years in an ever changing healthcare landscape to become a thought leader and visionary in the marketplace.

Our discipline for quality, passion for what we do and ambition to succeed have driven Flex to embrace the one constant in the health care and benefits industry – Change. Market conditions change, client needs change and delivery models change. Whether Flex is anticipating it, causing it or adapting to it, we pride ourselves on turning change into opportunity.

Flex is moving forward at every turn with a passion for innovation that makes us not just a market leader, but a market maker in the consumer driven marketplace. We go even further by partnering with top insurance companies, third-party administrators, financial institutions, insurance brokerages, associations, employers and individuals to offer the ultimate in customized benefit programs.

At Flex, we inspire, we simplify and we move you forward.