Remote Managed Services

Nimbus Logic clients are served by an exceptional, in-house team of certified Microsoft experts with an amazing proficiency and proven success

The IT landscape has changed. Cloud providers have invested billions into scalable, secure, cost effective computing infrastructure designed to serve business and rapid commerce.  Today’s business are no longer required to make heavy investment in servers and expensive infrastructure.  It has all moved to the cloud including Active Directory, Phone Systems, Applications and Security.

Nimbus Logic is a cloud only company. We believe clients are better served in the cloud and we are experts in acquiring, configuring and managing  your cloud resources as well as endpoint security. Do you really need your local IT shop to plug in a new computer or printer? Today, everything is plug and play and can me managed and monitored remotely and proactively.

We can move your IT resources to the cloud and make sure you have built in disaster recovery for a low per device fee.

Immediate Assistance

We help businesses optimize their processes and upgrade their systems based on their distinct goals and budget. Over the years, we have learned that there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for hours just to get an answer from your service provider. That’s what we strive to avoid at Nimbus Logic. Our support technicians will not only resolve your problem fast, we also address the root cause so it doesn’t occur again

First-Class Solutions

As a cloud only company, we only sell and support best in class solutions that work.

Complete Transparency

We do not have salespeople on commissions or quotas. We make our money on the small margins we earn on reseller margins on a recurring basis. We aren’t going to sell you anything you do not need. That is a promise 

What we do

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