Migrate to Office 365

With over 15 years of email migration experience, Nimbus Logic can migrate your email to Office 365 seamlessly with reduced time and risk

Why Have Nimbus Logic Migrate your Email?

  • Zero down-time
  • Multiple migration packages available
  • Full post-migration support
  • Administrative tracking & reporting
  • Administrative training
  • Full Auto-Discovery of your current email environment, no lists necessary, for supported environments

Our Migration Package Options

Data-Only Migration

Free Assessment & Low-Cost

Our qualified migration team will review your current environment and will put together a full migration plan for your organization.  Our data-only migration package involves moving all server side data from your existing email carrier to Office 365. 

Consultation & Migration Planning

Using our migration planner, Nimbus Logic helps you plan all aspects your email migration and lets you know exactly how to proceed.

Migrate server-side data

Migrate all  server side data from your existing email carrier to Office 365.

Full Service Migration

Fixed Price

Our full service migration package includes data migration, end point configuration for your users, installation and setup of Azure AD Connect (AD Sync) & additional on-premise assistance.

Migrate server-side data

Migrates all  server side data from your existing email carrier to Office 365.

End-point configuration

We’ll handle the Outlook client setup for each of your end users

Azure AD Connect Setup

Would you like to synchronize your on-premise AD environment with Office 365? We’ll walk you through the installation and setup.

What Do We Migrate?

We can move data from virtually any on-premise or hosted POP3/IMAP/Exchange email system. Combined with depth of content, data, and settings moved, Nimbus Logic utilizes one of the most comprehensive migration solutions on the market. All of our products work together to move customer data and settings seamlessly. Please refer to the chart to see how we move different data types.

Nimbus Logic Migration Objects

Need Some Assistance?

Have some questions about our Office 365 Migration packages or need a quote? We’re glad to help! Just click the button below to get in contact with us and one of our experienced technical staff will be glad to assist you.

Office 365 Training

Microsoft has recently made improvements to the admin center, which now includes six new courses and more than two dozen videos. They’ll help you set up, install, and manage Office 365.