Microsoft has announced that US Government Community Cloud (GCC) customers can now purchase Windows 365 Enterprise and deploy Cloud PCs in Microsoft Azure commercial regions under a FedRAMP Moderate authorization.

Windows 365 Enterprise has undergone assessment by a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorized auditor to ensure compliance with FedRAMP High requirements at data centers within the Continental US, holding agency authorization at FedRAMP Moderate. Windows 365 Enterprise is included in the Office 365 Multi-Tenant & Supporting Services FedRAMP accreditation package.

When using Windows 365 Enterprise, Cloud PCs are provisioned in an Azure Commercial data center and can meet FedRAMP requirements when properly configured and used within the Continental US (CONUS). Let Nimbus Logic setup and configure your Windows 365 Cloud PCs to your specific regulatory and compliance requirements.  Whether your organization requires adherence to FedRAMP standards or considers FedRAMP compliance as part of its evaluation criteria, Windows 365 offers both flexibility and security. It simplifies administration while enhancing the value and experience for end users.

It’s important to note that this announcement specifically applies to the GCC environment. Customers using the GCC environment who wish to purchase Windows 365 Enterprise will be affected by this change. However, the current offerings for customers in the GCC High environment remain unaffected by this announcement.