Cloud Backup for Office 365

Unlimited backup of your Exchange, Sharepoint, or OneDrive for Business data up to 6x daily.  All for one simple price per user, with no data limits. All for $3 per user per month.

Introducing Skykick Cloud Backup

Unlimited Backup

Yup, unlimited. Backup your Exchange, SharePoint, or OneDrive for Business data up to 6x daily. All for one simple per user / mo price, with no data limits

Easy Setup

Nothing to install. Auto-discovery of mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business accounts makes setup and backing up a snap.

One-click restore

Lightning fast search and immediate restore. Permissions respected, and no file overwrites


Purchase Office 365 Cloud Backup

$3 per user per month. Annual license required.

Cloud Backup – Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses need a backup solution for their data in the cloud?

Office 365 offers Geo-redundancy to protect against data loss related to a data center event by mirroring data across multiple data centers. However, that doesn’t protect against data loss events not related to a data center, as those data losses are mirrored across the multiple data centers. Office 365 Archiving and other features further protect data, but require expertise, additional cost, and time to recover data. And when the data is recovered, it is often unstructured. Therefore, a backup solution is needed to provide a quick, seamless way to restore lost data exactly as it was and where it was so employees can get back on track and stay productive.

How is backup different than Disaster Recovery?

For many businesses, a backup solution is the right size for their need to restore lost data and stay productive. While a backup solution doesn’t offer many of the features covered by a complete Disaster Recovery solution (i.e. on-premises servers, PBX, CRM/ERP, etc.), it does solve the crucial piece of backing up data. So if data is lost, it can be quickly found and restored to exactly where it’s needed.

What makes SkyKick Cloud Backup different from other Backup solutions?

Key differentiators of SkyKick Cloud Backup, compared to other solutions out there:

  • Easy Setup: Nothing to install: Auto-discovery of mailboxes, SharePoint sites and OneDrive for Business accounts makes setup and subscribing a snap.
  • Fast Search, One-click restore: Find lost data lightning-fast and restore to their original location with a single click. Permissions respected, and no file overwrites.
  • Unlimited backup for a fixed cost: Six snapshots daily. No data caps or overages for Exchange, SharePoint, and OneDrive for Business.
  • Unlimited retention: No matter how long you need data backed up, SkyKick Cloud Backup does it for one fixed price.
  • Automatically add to backup: SkyKick Cloud Backup by default will automatically add new mailboxes and SharePoint/OneDrive users. Or, you can choose to be alerted to new users and add as desired.
  • Self-Service Portal available for your customer: You can grant your customer access to the Self-Service Portal where they can perform the search and restore themselves.
  • Free Phone Support: For more information, see Cloud Backup Support.
  • Optimized for Partners: SkyKick develops applications specifically to empower its Partners to build successful cloud businesses. Because we don’t sell directly to customers, our focus for every application and new feature is on what will help you grow your business.
What are the machine prerequisites to use SkyKick Backup?

There are none. SkyKick Backup is Cloud to Cloud Office 365 backup and is not bounded by configuration of client machines, and there are no applications to install and manage.

Where is the data stored?

On Azure. If SkyKick’s Azure storage is selected, the data will be housed in the US West Data center. Partners who select another Azure storage can determine the data center for each backup customer.

How Does Cloud Backup Use Global Admin Rights?

Global Admins for SharePoint and OneDrive for Business have the authority to grant themselves explicit access to all SharePoint Site Collections and OneDrive for Business Accounts. When a partner provides Global Admin Credentials when setting up SkyKick Cloud Backup, SkyKick technology uses that authority to explicitly grant the Global Admin access to all site collections and OneDrive for Business accounts that are included in the Cloud Backup subscription. This access is extended to any artifact which inherits permissions from that site collection and is necessary to enable the backup to occur.

One result of this is that the Global Admin will be listed as an owner of every item that is being backed up. This may result in confusion when end users see the Global Admin suddenly appear as an owner of an item. It is therefore recommended that partners inform customers of this expected result and explain that it neither changes overall permissions nor grants access that was previously not authorized.

What kind of data security does SkyKick Cloud Backup offer?

Because your data never leaves the Azure environment you maintain all the inherent security of Azure. The data is encrypted at 128-bit during transit and 256-bit at rest within the Azure environment. For more information, see Cloud Backup Security.

How do I restore my data?

SkyKick Cloud Backup provides a simple, intuitive interface for fast search and quick restore. There are separate tabs for Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive, and you or your customer have the option to restore by user for Exchange and OneDrive.

How does the search capability work?

We search for File Name, Email Sender Name and Email Subject and show those in the search results. For files we search for attributes like File Name, Folder, and Author.

Will SkyKick have visibility into customer email messages and files?

No. To maintain end-user privacy, we do not search inside the file or email.

What happens if someone tries to restore a file whose folder has been deleted?

SkyKick Cloud Backup will re-create the folder architecture and restore the file in that recreated folder architecture. However if someone were to delete the site collection, admin would need to recreate the site collection manually before hitting restore on the file.

What happens to the backup if a user leaves a company and I delete their Office 365 subscription? Does the backup get deleted?

SkyKick will not delete the backup of the mailbox, and the content will be retained for the duration of the retention period (as indicated in the Settings section of an Office 365 Backup subscription). If the Office 365 license has been removed (thus deleting the mailbox from Office 365), this will pop up an alert titled: Backup [mailbox] not found. To address this alert you will need to disable the backup for the mailbox. For more information about this alert click here. Once the mailbox is disabled, you will no longer be charged for the mailbox and the alert will not pop up again.

In order to maintain the integrity of the mailbox, while removing the need to have it licensed, Microsoft’s best practice is to convert the mailbox to a shared mailbox first, and then remove the license. By doing this, instead of simply removing the license and deleting the mailbox, no mailboxes will need to be created if the customer wants to restore the data. The backups can still be turned off for that mailbox, resulting in no further charges.

Please Note: Disabling the backup of a mailbox will NOT delete the backed up data. Search and restore is available while the subscription is active.

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