Zix is pleased to announce that your Zix Hosted Service has recently been upgraded to include policy self-management. You can now independently manage all of your ZixGateway policies to meet your individual business needs.

What is a policy? It is easiest to think of a policy as a two-part, “if-then” statement. If a specified pattern is matched, then certain actions should occur. A pattern can be an email address/domain, specific word or words, file attributes, predefined triggers, etc. If the pattern is matched, your policy can state what action you want taken. For example, you may want to automatically encrypt all emails containing protected health information (PHI) to a specific partner domain.

In addition to customization, your Zix Hosted Service includes a rich set of predefined content filters to leverage when creating and managing your policies. The pre-defined content filters can be used to automatically scan emails for HIPAA, financial, social security, credit card information, etc.

As a ZixGateway Policy Administrator, you can:

  • Access all your ZixGateway policies
  • Add, edit and delete policies
  • Add and delete content filters


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