Microsoft Product Placemat for CMMC is an interactive view representing how we believe Microsoft cloud products and services satisfy requirements for CMMC practices.  The user interface resembles a periodic table of CMMC Practice Families.  The default view illustrates the practices with Microsoft Coverage that are inherited from the underlying cloud platform.  It also depicts practices for Shared Coverage where the underlying cloud platform contributes coverage for specific practices but requires additional customer configuration to satisfy requirements for full coverage.  For each practice that aligns with Microsoft Coverage or Shared Coverage, verbal customer implementation guidance and practice implementation details are documented.  This enables you to drill down into each practice and discover details on inheritance and prescriptive guidance for actions to be taken by the customer to try to meet practice requirements in the shared scope of responsibility for compliance with CMMC.


In addition to the default view, you may select and include products, features and suite SKUs to adjust how each cloud product is placed with CMMC.  For example, you may select the Microsoft 365 E5 SKU for maximum coverage of CMMC where 18 of the CMMC practices are Microsoft Coverage and 74 practices are Shared Coverage.  This is extraordinary as nearly 80% of the practices for CMMC Level 3 have coverage leveraging the spectrum of capabilities on the Microsoft cloud with the E5 SKU!


Microsoft Product Placemat for CMMC