GoogleApps and ZixGateway Service Overview and Implementation


Planning Considerations

The process of configuring GoogleApps to work with ZixGateway is very simple and takes your GoogleApps administrator about 30 minutes to set up. For planning purposes, ZixCorp may take up to 2 business days to add your domain to the ZixDirectory so keep this in mind.

Make sure you are using an GoogleApps for Work or Education. Your Zix Email Security sales representative will discuss other planning considerations including Zix awareness for employees and recipients.

Purchasing ZixGateway

It is recommended purchasing a license for all senders in your organization however, it is also possible to encrypt just a subset of users and configure mail routing rules in GoogleApps. ( see mail routing for GoogleApps? ) This will obviously save you on licensing costs.

The good news is that once you have set up the ZixGateway, all new GoogleApps users will have automatically have encryption as no further configuration is needed.

What you need:

There are a wide range of deployment scenarios that can be accommodated in an integrated solution. In the majority of cases, the primary integration tasks are:

  1. Configure an Outbound Connector from GoogleApps to the ZixGateway instance using the GoogleApps Admin Console.
  2. Add an MX Record to point to the ZixGateway instance for inbound encrypted messages using standard DNS tools.
  3. Configure ZixGateway to accept mail relayed from GoogleApps subnets using Zix administration interfaces.

The ZixCorp deployment coordinator will assist you in the implementation and confirm the settings are correct.

For complete documentation on implementing ZixGateway for GoogleApps, read the implementation documentation at the bottom of this page.